Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann MASTERPOST

Click to watch. To download (which has a subtle quality improvement),click the download arrow in the upper-left corner, then click “Download anyway”.


Episode 1 - Bust Through the Heavens with Your Drill!

Episode 2 - I Said I’m Gonna Pilot That Thing!!

Episode 3 - Who Do You Think You Are, Having Two Faces!?

Episode 4 - Having Lots of Faces Doesn’t Make You Great! (An infamous episode, big drop in animation quality, but it introduces characters, so it’s your pick!)

Episode 5 - I Don’t Get It, Not One Bit!”

Episode 6 - Sit in the Hot Tub ‘Till You’re Sick!!

Episode 6  (Director’s Cut/Uncut) - There are Some Things I Just Have to See!! (Slightly lower quality than the other version, 6 extra minutes of more fanservice-y content instead of flashbacks.)

Episode 7 - You’re Gonna Do It!!

Episode 8 - Later, Buddy

Episode  9 - What, Exactly, Is a Human?

Episode 10 - Who Is This Bro?

Episode 11 - Simon, Hands Off

Episode 12 - Yoko, Will You Do Me a Favor?

Episode 13 - Eat Up, Everyone!

Episode 14 - Well Met, Everyone

Episode 15 - I Will Head Towards Tomorrow

Episode 16 - Compilation Episode

Episode 17 - You Don’t Know Anything!

Episode 18 - Tell Me the Secrets of This World.

Episode 19 - We Will Survive by Any Means Necessary

Episode 20 - How Far Will God Test Us?

Episode 21 - You Are Someone Who Ought to Survive

Episode 22 - This is My Final Duty

Episode 23 - Let’s Go, This is the Final Battle

Episode 24 - I’ll Never Forget This Minute, This Second

Episode 25 - I Accept Your Last Wish!

Episode 26 - Let’s Go, Buddy

Episode 27 - The Lights in the Sky Are Stars


In conjunction with the release of the movie, Gainax has released series of music videos entitled Gurren Lagann Parallel Works which contains alternative stories of Gurren Lagann set to songs from the original soundtrack.

Parallel Works 1 - Rap is a Man’s Soul! We Surpass the Impossible, and Kick Reason to the Curb! Open Your Ears Wide and Listen to Team Dai-Gurren’s Theme!

Parallel Works 2 - BafBaf! Being Fired Up Like This… Don’t You Like It?

Parallel Works 3 - Boin vs Boin

Parallel Works 4 - Burst Through The Heavens With Your XXX!

Parallel Works 5 - Rap is a Man’s Soul! Open Your Ears Wide and Listen to the Great Kamina’s Theme, the Man Who Believes in Himself and Surges at Heaven!

Parallel Works 6 - To Hell WIth Combining!

Parallel Works 7  - ‘Libera Me’ from Hell

Parallel Works 8 - All You Bastards, Get Fired Up!

Parallel Works 9 - Kittan Zero

Parallel Works 10 -  The Sense of Wonder

Parallel Works 11 - My XXX is the Best in the Universe

Parallel Works 12 - Goodbye Dai-Gurren

Parallel Works 13 - Big Building

Parallel Works 14 - Kiyal’s Magical Time, Three Minutes Before

Parallel Works 15 - Gunmen Symphonia

Parallel Works 15 - Gunmen Symphonia (Clean)


There are two Compilation Movies (with new scenes to help tie things together and provide movie-original climaxes). Sadly, the files are too big to make a preview, you’ll have to download them!

Gurren-hen: Childhood’s End

Lagann-hen: The Lights in the Sky are Stars


Fan Webcomic. DOUBLE K (Buddy Cop Show AU, and it is glorious.) 


Yoko - ★ S.t.a.r.S ★


(these are really of personal taste, while I know not everyone likes AMVs, I just hope someone can enjoy these as well)

Welcome To The Black Parade - Remastered

Written in the Spirals

Spin On

300 / The Dark Knight / Iron Man / Clash of the Titans


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